A batak game is becoming a very popular choice at events across the country. Exhibition stand games, such as the batak wall, are a great choice for company parties and corporate functions, and you can rent batak wall and games for company dos anywhere in the UK. The standard batak reaction test involves players taking it in turns to stand in front of the batak wall, hitting buttons that light up in random sequences. As soon as they hit one lit up button, another one will immediately light up. The player’s score is then displayed at the top of the batak board with scores and leader boards being kept throughout the event. Batak promotions can be branded with company logos and product images making batak hire a great choice for corporate functions product launches, and promotional events. Although this classic reaction game is still hugely popular, we are happy to offer a brand new version of the batak game hire: batak jockeyts.

Batak jockey hire is based on the same concept as the classic batak machine and players again have to react fast to hit illuminated buttons. However, rather than just keeping a score, with the batak horse game each controller controls a horse on a display screen. Players compete with one another to hit as money lights as possible, with the horse moving across the track with each button. Therefore the player with the quickest reactions will see their horse reach the finish line first. This fun alternative to the batak reaction game allows for multiplayer, which increases the fun, competitive element of the game. When you hire batak jockeys you are also bringing a new and unique game to your event that will make your party or function stand out from the rest.

Batak jockeys for hire is great fun, and also works well for team building and ice breaking. You can rent batak jockeys for any venue across the UK, and you can hire batak throughout the year. The entertainment products that we have available are always top of the range and if you were to hire other products alongside the batak jockey game you could qualify for great discounted rates. To find out more about this and our other fantastic products give us a call. Our experienced sales team will offer valuable advice and guidance with absolutely no obligation, so give us a call and get your event moving in the right direction.